used JCB excavators

Used JCB Excavators Available

Used JCB Excavators are available at Fenton Plant Machinery.

Fenton Plant Machinery have used JCB excavators ready and available to buy. The quality and features of these excavators make them a very popular choice for the construction industry. Have a read below to see the key benefits of these versatile machines. A JCB Excavator makes for a great addition to your plant machinery, whether you decide on a mini excavator, tracked excavator or a wheeled excavator. The ease of use, versatility and overall performance of the machines make them ideal for carrying out most building and construction tasks that require heavy machinery.

Tracked JCB Excavator

JCB’s wide range of tracked excavators vary from 11 to 37 tonnes, including JCB’s new X Series range. Built to last, these machines are carefully designed to offer durability and comfort as well as easy use and upkeep. Several models come complete with hydraulic regeneration systems meaning oil is recycled across the cylinders, resulting in lower fuel consumption. All track machines have four working modes making them adaptable to any type of worksite.

Wheeled JCB Excavator

JCB’s wheeled excavators are built with strength and performance in mind. Manufactured with robust mechanisms, it offers the operator comfort and ease during use. With a range of applications, any wheeled excavator can be tailored to tackle any job. These excavators are easy to maintain and are designed to be efficient and affordable to run.


used JCB excavators

Excavators have a range of uses, and they are frequently sought after machines due to their versatility in a number of professions and projects, which is why they sell fast. Some of their uses include:

  • Digging of trenches, holes, foundations
  • Material handling
  • Brush cutting with hydraulic saw and mower attachments
  • Forestry work
  • Construction
  • Demolition with hydraulic claw, shear and breaker attachments
  • General grading/landscaping
  • Mining
  • River dredging
  • Driving piles, in conjunction with a pile driver
  • Drilling shafts for footings and rock blasting, by use of an auger or hydraulic drill attachment
  • Snow removal with snowplow and snow blower attachments

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The Benefits of Wheel Loaders

The Benefits of Wheeled Loaders

Fenton Plant Machinery have a variety of wheeled loaders and their versatility proves a serious benefit

The benefits of wheel loaders are numerous! When it comes to transporting material from one part of the construction site to the other, most contractors consider using wheeled loaders. A lot of people opt for this option because they are often heavy duty and versatile machines. Contractors and job sites look for efficient ways to transfer material across site, that’s why more business owners are looking into the importance of wheel loaders.

When it comes to using small and medium-sized wheel loaders, they boast a plethora of advantages for us. One of the leading reasons why users opt for wheel loaders is, they suit various attachments from buckets to forks, they are strong and powerful which helps improve efficiency and productivity on site. Many manufacturers these days have made great advancements in technology, which means not only are they tireless work horses built to graft day in day out, they are also comfortable and user friendly, making them a joy to operate.

When you decide to buy wheel loaders for the long term, it is imperative to consider several factors.

Used Wheel Loaders for Sale


Wheeled loaders come in various sizes, from compact loaders which are agile and better suited to smaller job sites to large heavy duty loaders which are designed for the most arduous of tasks, working in environments such as quarries, mines and large construction and infrastructure projects.


The physical size of your machines is a necessary consideration but payload is important. Depending on the task at hand, you’ll need to consider what your wheel loader needs to be able to lift and move and how heavy this material is likely to be. It’s also important to consider the structure of the loader and what other features they offer such as Z-bar kinematics etc.


Physical size, payload and power are all vital requirements to consider. But you might need to consider what extras you need such as beacons, hazard detection systems, camera systems, AC, heated seats and other cab amenities etc.


At Fenton Plant Machinery we stock a number of wheel loaders from different reputable brands. Our wheel loaders range in size but are all checked and prepared for sale to the highest of standards.


Whatever wheel loader you are in the market for, even if you can’t see what you’re looking for, visit Fenton Plant Machinery, or give us a call and we can help. We also offer finance packages for any loader, or indeed any other plant machinery that you may require.

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Used Mini Diggers

Used Mini Excavators Get the Job Done

Used mini excavators are mini but mighty and always get the job done.

Fenton Plant Machinery have used mini excavators ranging from 0.8T up to 8T for sale. Mini excavators are an industry staple thanks to both their compact size and the fact that they’re extremely powerful and versatile. They offer compact design with superb performance. Increased digging forces and lift capacity allows use of larger attachments and an extending undercarriage gives greater stability and class leading dig depth and reach. Mini excavators despite their size come with exceptional leg room and now a days state of the art roomy cabs.


versatility of mini diggers

When operating in built up areas, a quieter machine can be extremely beneficial, especially with the neighbours. With less weight and often a smaller engine, the noise produced by mini diggers is significantly lower than when compared to larger diggers. This makes them particularly popular with contractors in residential areas. When thinking about which used digger to buy, transportation is always a big consideration, thankfully a large number of mini diggers can easily be towed by a vehicle and trailer.

As mini excavators are significantly lighter than the bigger machines, the damage they cause to the working areas is much less. As well as being lighter, the rubber tracks (rather than steel tracks often fitted to larger machines) are much kinder to the ground they are operating on and there is less need to clear large spaces for the machine to operate in.

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Used JCB Dump Trucks

Used JCB Dump Trucks from Fenton Machinery

Fenton Plant Machinery have used JCB dump trucks ready and available

Used JCB sdump trucks are leading the way with unparalleled levels of safety and industry-first ideas. Comprising of a range of machines across many weight categories between one and nine tonnes, used JCB dump trucks have been designed with a great deal of innovation and expertise. At Fenton Plant Machinery we have a strong stock holding of larger JCB dump trucks and with our in house finance team ready to offer very competitive finance rates to our UK customers what’s not to like.

A typical specification for the used JCB dump trucks that we sell at Fenton Plant Machinery is as follows:


6 cylinder, direct injection diesel engine. Wastegate turbocharger charged cooler for maximum torque and minimum exhaust smoke. 3 stage dry type-cyclonic air cleaner with primary and safety elements. Stainless steel exhaust system, fuel sedimenter, twin bowl fuel filters.


6 forward and 3 reverse speed remote mount smoothshift transmission with integral torque converter. Manual or automatic selection. Electrical 2/4 wheel drive selection.


Pad mounted to the chassis. Limited Slip Differential in both axles. Planetary wheel hub reduction. Steering: Double acting hydrostatic system. Priority steer valve. Emergency steering via a ground driven pump.


Dual circuit, hydraulic power dry disc type with braking on all four wheels. Electrically operated dry disc parking brakes onthe driveline, spring applied and hydraulically released.


Twin gear pump system comprising main pump for priority steer and body tip, and a second pump for braking. Emergency steer via a ground driven pump.

Used JCB Dump Trucks


ROPS and FOPS safety structure. Fully adjustable air suspension seat. Adjustable steering column. Air conditioning. Laminated safety glass. Electronic monitoring panel with LCD message display which includes body up warning light. Front & rearscreen wash / wipe. 3 speed heater / de-misting with replaceable air filter. LH & RH opening doors. Single lever transmission selector. Single lever hydraulic tip control. Combination stalk controls for lights, wipers, horn, direction indicators. Separate side consul for auxiliary switches. Cigar lighter, ashtrays, interior light, sun visor, external rear view mirrors and operator’s storage facilities.


Road lights front and rear, front working lights, reversing alarm and light, rear fog lights, horn, battery isolator, beacon, radio fittings, 70 amp alternator, 24-12 volt in cab converter.


Flexible front steps, non-slip walkways, recovery hitch, lifting lugs, engine access cover. Rear cab mounted spill guard. Cast 360 deg centre hitch.


Constructed from high strength steel with large box section stiffeners and a Hardox floor. Large target area and load retention. Two single stage double acting cylinders located within rear chassis.


Brake disc guards, Reversing camera, Heated seat and mirrors, Biodegradable hydraulic oil, Smart reverse alarm, 3″ seat belt, Mechanical tail gate, Greedy boards, Window etching, Spacetrac.

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Tips for Buying Construction Machinery

Telescopic Handlers for Sale at Fenton Plant Machinery

So, what is a Telescopic Handler?

We have a range of used telescopic handlers for sale at Fenton Plant Machinery. So what is one and what are its uses. A telescopic handler is a multipurpose lifting machine which features a single telescopic or articulating boom that extends upwards and outwards. Telescopic handlers are often called telehandlers, teleporters or boom lifts. Various attachments, such as a lifting jib or work platform can be fitted to the end of the boom, making this piece of machinery very versatile. Telescopic handlers function in a similar way to a forklift and a crane, but often on a smaller scale. JCB  is widely regarded as the most popular manufacturer of telehandlers and Fenton Plant Machinery generally stock this brand.

What industries are they used in?

Telescopic handlers can be used on all terrains, making them extremely useful on construction sites or farms, where the ground is often rough. They also have extendable stabilisers, meaning they can be safely used on uneven terrain. They are used in a range of industries but are most frequently used in the construction sector, the agricultural sector and the industrial sector.

Benefits of Telehandlers

In the construction sector, telescopic handlers are used for a wide range of jobs. They are often used with the working platform to give construction workers access to a specific area. There are also used to lift construction materials such as concrete blocks.

Telescopic handlers are frequently used within the agriculture industry because they can easily be manoeuvred around large farms and can be used for a number of farming tasks, both outdoors and indoors. Telescopic handlers can manoeuvre within small spaces, meaning they can be used inside a barn and can travel up and down livestock rows with ease. They are great for moving hay bales and handling heavy bucketloads.

In the industrial sector, telescopic handlers are most frequently used to quickly and easily shift cargo and heavy goods from one place to another.

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Buying Used Construction Machinery

What to Look for When Buying Used Construction Machinery

With the construction industry getting back on its feet, here are some tips for buying construction machinery.

Fenton Plant Machinery specialise in selling quality used plant machinery. Years of experience in providing this service have given us an insight on what to look out for when buying used construction machinery.

[1] It’s important to check the history of your machine

Conduct background checks on the ownership history of the machine and how well it was maintained. Maintenance checks include checking the fluids such as the hydraulic fluid, engine fluid, and transmission oil to evaluate their performance. Ask for proof of ownership to avoid buying stolen items.

[2] Have a look at the operating hours

The number of active hours in the history of the machine will determine whether buying used machinery is viable compared to buying a new one. A good machine should have the capacity to hold its value even after many hours of operation. Equipment may have a short working period but increased visits to the engineer for repair. It’s essential to avoid such a purchase; however cheap it may come. The maintenance costs accumulated within the first year of acquisition should not match the cost of buying a new machine if summed to the initial deposit amount.

[3] Always use a reputable dealer

Reputable dealers should have well-established premises that can act as a point of reference. Proper contact information should be displayed on their website. Customer service and the condition of the machines is very important.

To evaluate professionalism in customer service simply dial one of the contact numbers provided and observe whether they respond promptly and answer all your questions diligently. Proper dealers should provide appropriate certification and documents to prove ownership or right to sell machines on display.

Buying Used Construction Machinery

[4] Check out the machine specifications

Check the model type, year of manufacture, size, fuel consumption, replacement parts among others. Tutor these specs to your personal preferences and requirements and it will be a comfortable and well-informed buy.

[5] Take it for a test drive

It is advisable to conduct test drives to assess the performance of the machine. Pay close attention to any abnormal sounds from the engine and emissions. Check the seat condition, controls, dashboard, pedals, and other features. Additionally, check that the transmission is efficient whether the machine will require additional costs in service.

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Plant Equipment Finance

Plant Equipment Finance

At Fenton Plant Machinery we offer plant equipment finance packages for all our used plant machinery

At Fenton Plant Machinery we are proud to offer plant equipment finance packages on our range of different machines that we sell. Whether you are a contractor or a civil engineering company we can provide the most effective excavators, telehandlers and loaders for the job. If you are an end user or smaller building company we provide the right sized mini excavator, dumper or roller too. But no matter what sized company you are or what machine you need you can take advantage of our low cost plant equipment finance packages.

We make owning a machine purchased from Fenton Plant Machinery easy with our in house finance team who are on hand to prepare your finance package at very competitive rates. So if you are a UK customer and you are looking for or thinking about financing plant machinery, then give us a call and we’d more than happy to help.

Plant Equipment Finance


When purchasing plant vehicles from us our dedicated in-house finance team are on hand to offer plant machinery finance at very competitive rates. If you are a UK customer and you are looking or thinking of financing a machine, ask how we can help you! Fenton Plant Machinery are a family run plant sales company which means customer service is important to us. We aim to supply top quality used construction vehicles to our customers efficiently and professionally at all times. Our experience in the industry means our customers leave the yard happy. Our flexible finance packages only enhance this experience.

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Used Road Rollers Available for Sale

Road Rollers Available at Fenton Plant Machinery

Used road rollers are for sale at Fenton Plant Machinery

We have used road rollers available for sale at Fenton Plant Machinery. A road roller (sometimes just called a roller) is a compactor-type machine used to compact soil, gravel, concrete, or asphalt in the construction of roads and foundations. Similar rollers are used also at landfills or in agriculture. Road rollers use the weight of the vehicle to compress the surface being rolled. Rollers are used predominantly for road resurfacing, groundworks etc.

Depending upon the project requirement and material to be compacted, different types of rollers are used for compaction work. The various types of rollers which are used for compaction are:

  1. Single Drum Rollers
  2. Twin Drum Rollers
  3. Pneumatic tyred Rollers
  4. Smooth wheeled Rollers
  5. Vibratory Rollers

The most popular road rollers that are used in the road and construction industries are the smooth drum rollers.

Used Road Rollers Available for Sale


Smooth wheel rollers are most suitable for consolidating stone soling, gravel, sand, hard core, ballast and surface dressings. They are not so suitable for consolidating embankments and soft sub-grades, but are better suited than any other plant for compacting silty and sandy soils and with fewer passes. When the moisture content is a little more than optimum it will compact more easily.

With over 20 years’ experience in buying and selling quality plant machinery, we have a selection of the best quality used machines available nationwide. Whether your needs are for general construction work, groundworks or civil engineering, we’re here to help. Visit out used equipment yard in Telford today.

We stock a wide range of construction machines including excavators, mini excavators, dump trucks, loaders, rollers, telehandlers and more. We buy and sell equpment from well know manufacturers including JCB, Caterpillar, Kubota, Thwaites and Terex, ensuring that you’ll have the highest quality equipment fo your needs.

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exporting plant machinery abroad

Are You Exporting Plant Machinery abroad?

Exporting plant machinery abroad? You need to get it right.

With signs that the global pandemic is easing and some sort of normal for businesses starting to resume, if you are exporting plant machinery abroad, there are basic good practices that you need to consider. There’s no doubt that it has been much harder over the last two years to trade internationally, but with restrictions starting to ease, the process should start to become less restrictive.

Exports and imports have both rebounded in this last year, but exports bounced higher. In the third quarter of 2021 exports of UK equipment increased by 64% on a £ value basis, and 57% on a tonnage shipped basis compared with the previous quarter. This returned exports to similar levels to those seen before the first national lockdown.

Here’s what to consider when exporting plant machinery abroad

Choosing a company that has a good track record in the industry is always a good start. Check for reviews on their website, the types of company that they work with and the experience they have in shipping plant machinery worldwide. Pricing is important, some shipping companies work in partnership with other shipping lines, so can offer competitive pricing.

Customer service is also very important when it comes to exporting or importing your plant machinery. Being kept informed at every step of the process ensures a constant flow of updated information. Because the vehicle may have to stay at the port in question for up to 3 weeks before shipping, look out for companies that offer safe and secure storage of your machinery at the port.

Any company you use should attend to all the export paperwork including organising all UK clearance and booking shipping space on the vessel. Look for companies that include within the quotation, aspects like strapping and securing machinery, UK custom clearance, preparation of custom documentation, shipping to your country of choice, boarding of carrier vessel and bill of lading fee.

exporting plant machinery abroad

At Fenton & Son Plant machinery we pride ourselves on supplying construction equipment to a wide range of customers. From construction contractors to small independent builders right through to the general public. Over the years we have built up a worldwide customer base, selling not just within the UK, but also abroad. Countries in Europe such as Germany, Iceland, France and the Netherlands to countries worldwide such as Egypt, Kenya, Tanzania and Ghana. What we have found when it comes to exporting plant machinery internationally is that picking the right export partner is critical.

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Used Mini Diggers

Used Mini Diggers are a Versatile Choice

The advantage of using used mini diggers instead of their larger cousins is primarily due to the ease of use in tight spaces.

Used mini diggers are usually cheaper to buy than their larger counterparts as well as being cheaper to transport which is why they are often favoured by contractors working on smaller sites. This is largely down to their ability to fit in tight spaces amongst other things. If you’re deciding which machine to buy for your next project, Fenton Plant Machinery have used mini diggers ranging from 0.8T up to 8T for sale and ready to pick up.

From experienced machine drivers, to first time users, mini diggers can be of benefit to almost anyone. They are easy to operate with simple to understand controls means that almost anyone can use the diggers within minutes. With their compact dimensions, mini excavators are able to operate in spaces a larger excavator wouldn’t be able to operate in. Many models actually have the ability to fit through a standard doorway.


versatility of mini diggers

When operating in built up areas, a quieter machine can be extremely beneficial, especially with the neighbours. With less weight and often a smaller engine, the noise produced by mini diggers is significantly lower than when compared to larger diggers. This makes them particularly popular with contractors in residential areas. When thinking about which used digger to buy, transportation is always a big issue, but with mini diggers being so small and light, they can easily be transported with just a car and trailer.

As mini excavators are significantly lighter than the bigger machines, the damage they cause to the working areas is much less. As well as being lighter, the rubber tracks (rather than steel tracks often fitted to larger machines) are much kinder to the ground they are operating on and there is less need to clear large spaces for the machine to operate in.

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