Used Mini Diggers

Used Mini Excavators Get the Job Done

Used mini excavators are mini but mighty and always get the job done.

Fenton Plant Machinery have used mini excavators ranging from 0.8T up to 8T for sale and ready to pick up. Mini excavators are remarkable both for their compact size and the fact that they’re extremely powerful. They offer compact design giving superb performance in the most restricted areas. Increased digging forces and lift capacity allows use of larger attachments and an extending undercarriage gives greater stability and class leading dig depth and reach. Mini excavators despite their size come with exceptional leg room and no change-over switches to confuse the user.


versatility of mini diggers

When operating in built up areas, a quieter machine can be extremely beneficial, especially with the neighbours. With less weight and often a smaller engine, the noise produced by mini diggers is significantly lower than when compared to larger diggers. This makes them particularly popular with contractors in residential areas. When thinking about which used digger to buy, transportation is always a big issue, but with mini diggers being so small and light, they can easily be transported with just a car and trailer.

As mini excavators are significantly lighter than the bigger machines, the damage they cause to the working areas is much less. As well as being lighter, the rubber tracks (rather than steel tracks often fitted to larger machines) are much kinder to the ground they are operating on and there is less need to clear large spaces for the machine to operate in.

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