The Benefits of Used Plant Machinery

The Benefits of Used Plant Machinery

What are the benefits of used plant machinery, here’s a quick guide.

The benefits of used plant machinery are many, so here at Fenton Plant machinery we will go through a few of the major benefits that buying used plant machinery has over purchasing brand new.

Saving Initial Costs

One of the biggest benefits of opting for used over new equipment is its cost-effectiveness in more ways than one. Firstly, buying used equipment can save you up to 50% more than buying new machinery. Used equipment costs less even when it is still in optimal condition.  Therefore, it’s often more advisable to invest in used machinery instead of buying new, especially if it’s in good condition. Secondly, used equipment helps you reap the benefit of better insurance rates. The thing with insurance is that it’s based on the equipment’s replacement value instead of its resale value.

Avoid Initial Depreciation

When you buy used machinery, you’re not the one in charge of its initial depreciation. Here’s how the savings work: your new equipment loses 20-40% of its original value within a year of purchase. This process is called depreciation, and it helps you figure out how much value your machinery is losing yearly. The equipment depreciates more in the earlier years and less in the later ones according to the most common depreciation methods, which means that your equipment loses the most value in the very beginning.

Doing Your Bit

Buying used machinery promotes sustainability. When you buy used, your actions have an immediate positive effect on the environment since the manufacturer doesn’t have to make your machine, waste resources, and increase the carbon footprint. That way, you get to use equipment that can perform just as well as a new piece while saving money and protecting the environment. Besides, it’s no secret that sustainability is gaining more relevance as time goes on, especially in construction. Because construction is a trillion-dollar industry, one of the largest in the world, its carbon footprint is concerning. This industry produces around 30% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions every year, and since the industry is growing, so does its effect on the environment.


The Benefits of Used Plant Machinery


At Fenton Plant Machinery we pride ourselves on supplying construction equipment to a wide range of customers, from our base in Telford. From construction contractors, to small independent builders, to the general public, we have whatever machine you need to get the job done. Over the years we have built up a worldwide customer base, selling not just within the UK, but also abroad, having exported used construction machinery to countries in Europe, such as Germany, Iceland, France and the Netherlands. We’ve also exported quality machines to countries further afield, such as Egypt, Kenya, Tanzania and Ghana.

As well as this, for any UK customers looking for finance for their used machine, we are pleased to offer an in-house finance service. Please contact for further details.

To view our latest used machinery for sale at Fenton Plant Machinery, please visit our website.



Plant Equipment Finance

Plant Equipment Finance

At Fenton Plant Machinery we offer plant equipment finance packages for all our used plant machinery At Fenton Plant Machinery we are proud to offer

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