Exporting plant machinery abroad? You need to get it right.

With signs that the global pandemic is easing and some sort of normal for businesses starting to resume, if you are exporting plant machinery abroad, there are basic good practices that you need to consider. There’s no doubt that it has been much harder over the last two years to trade internationally, but with restrictions starting to ease, the process should start to become less restrictive.

Exports and imports have both rebounded in this last year, but exports bounced higher. In the third quarter of 2021 exports of UK equipment increased by 64% on a £ value basis, and 57% on a tonnage shipped basis compared with the previous quarter. This returned exports to similar levels to those seen before the first national lockdown.

Here’s what to consider when exporting plant machinery abroad

Choosing a company that has a good track record in the industry is always a good start. Check for reviews on their website, the types of company that they work with and the experience they have in shipping plant machinery worldwide. Pricing is important, some shipping companies work in partnership with other shipping lines, so can offer competitive pricing.

Customer service is also very important when it comes to exporting or importing your plant machinery. Being kept informed at every step of the process ensures a constant flow of updated information. Because the vehicle may have to stay at the port in question for up to 3 weeks before shipping, look out for companies that offer safe and secure storage of your machinery at the port.

Any company you use should attend to all the export paperwork including organising all UK clearance and booking shipping space on the vessel. Look for companies that include within the quotation, aspects like strapping and securing machinery, UK custom clearance, preparation of custom documentation, shipping to your country of choice, boarding of carrier vessel and bill of lading fee.

exporting plant machinery abroad

At Fenton & Son Plant machinery we pride ourselves on supplying construction equipment to a wide range of customers. From construction contractors to small independent builders right through to the general public. Over the years we have built up a worldwide customer base, selling not just within the UK, but also abroad. Countries in Europe such as Germany, Iceland, France and the Netherlands to countries worldwide such as Egypt, Kenya, Tanzania and Ghana. What we have found when it comes to exporting plant machinery internationally is that picking the right export partner is critical.

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