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How technology benefits the plant machinery industry

Technology has had a significant impact on the plant machinery industry… here’s some of the benefits

[1] 360 Degree Cameras

All vehicles have blind spots – areas around the vehicle that are obscured to the driver by bodywork or machinery. When manoeuvring, these blind spots present a significant danger to anything or anyone in the vehicle’s path and inhibit the driver’s ability to operate the vehicle safely.

Mirrors and single-view cameras help to see blind spots, but even with this extra assistance, the driver may still not see everything in the vehicle’s path. After all, they can only be watching the road, or looking in one monitor or mirror at any given time. Research shows that in the time it takes to scan four mirrors, assess and then react to hazards, even at speeds as low as 5kph a vehicle could travel as far as 10m.

The Benefits of a 360 degree camera extend beyond reducing collisions with people and objects. The comprehensive view of the surroundings aids the driver when manoeuvring at low speed and minimises damage, as drivers of larger vehicles can see and avoid objects lying on the ground. Benefits include:

Eliminates blind spots, improves safety

Comprehensive view of the surrounding area in a single image

Reduces collisions with people and objects

plant machinery industry

[2] Dig Assist Technology

Dig Assist technology, the excavator machine control system offers many benefits to operators and company owners by helping to increase safety and productivity as well as reduce costs. Dig assist enables an operator to input the specifications for even the most complex trenches – including slopes and multiple layers – in a matter of minutes. Then a virtual guideline helps the operator stay on track. This eliminates much of the usual prep work and allows the operator to complete the work quickly and correctly.

[3] Grade assist technology

Grade with Assist is available on hydraulic excavators and automates boom and bucket movements, reducing manual inputs, errors and operator fatigue, and effectively improving grading consistency for operators of all experience levels. Grade with Slope Assist is a system for crawler dozers and helps an operator quickly reach the target grade by automatically maintaining the dozer blade angles. The wide range of benefits these technologies include:




It’s safe to say that technology has had a positive effect on many aspects of the plant machinery business in terms of safety and efficiency across many aspects of the industry.

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Plant Machine Industry

Why are Mini Diggers and Micro Diggers so popular?

Mini diggers and micro diggers have many benefits within the construction industry.

Mini diggers and micro diggers are becoming increasingly popular in the construction industry, in particular as used machines, thanks to their ability to fit in tight spaces and versatility. If you’re deciding which machine to buy for your next project, Fenton Plant Machinery have considered some of the benefits of using mini or micro diggers over a larger excavator.

[1] Easy to use and tight spaces not a problem

From experienced machine drivers, to first time users, micro diggers can be of benefit to almost anyone. They are easy to operate with simple to understand controls means that almost anyone can use the diggers within minutes. With their compact dimensions, mini and micro diggers are able to operate in spaces a larger excavator wouldn’t be able to operate in. Many models actually have the ability to fit through a standard doorway.


Mini Diggers and Micro Diggers

[2] Quiet and easily transported

When operating in built up areas, a quieter machine can be extremely beneficial, especially with the neighbours. With less weight and often a smaller engine, the noise produced by mini and micro diggers is significantly lower than when compared to larger diggers. This makes them particularly popular with contractors in residential areas. When thinking about which used digger to buy, transportation is always a big issue, but with micro diggers being so small and light, they can easily be transported with just a car and trailer.

[3] Less destructive to the surrounding environment

As micro diggers are significantly lighter than the bigger machines, the damage they cause to the working areas is much less. As well as being lighter, the rubber tracks (rather than steel tracks often fitted to larger machines) are much kinder to the ground they are operating on and there is less need to clear large spaces for the machine to operate in.

[4] More cost effective

Used micro excavators are usually cheaper to buy than their larger counterparts as well as being cheaper to transport which is why they are often favoured by contractors working on smaller sites.

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