Finance for Plant Machinery

Finance for Plant Machinery

If you are wanting finance for plant machinery then get in touch with us

When purchasing plant vehicles from us our dedicated in-house finance team are on hand to offer finance for plant machinery at very competitive rates. If you are a UK customer and you are looking or thinking of financing a machine, ask how we can help you! Fenton Plant Machinery are a family run plant sales company which means customer service is important to us. We aim to supply top quality used construction vehicles to our customers efficiently and professionally at all times. Our experience in the industry means our customers leave the yard happy.

The benefits of financing a machine over long term hire

  • Immediate access to the machinery you need
  • Leasing options that suit how your company trades
  • Options for title ownership after the funding period
  • Tax-efficient financing
  • Options to upgrade or update
  • Easier budgeting: fixed payments & fixed period

Asset finance has grown because of its simplicity and flexibility as a funding method for plant machinery. The simplicity and flexibility of our plant finance means that it’s suitable for all types of business from start-ups buying their first vehicle, to manufacturers investing in major new plant and machinery.

The reason for this, other than available tax benefits and the ability to budget more easily, is that on most occasions the asset itself is security, which makes asset finance very accessible as a form of funding. The benefits afforded to manufacturing companies, in particular, by asset financing have been further enhanced by an increase in the annual investment allowance (AIA).


Finance for Plant Machinery

At Fenton Plant Machinery we are experts in our field when it comes to selling used plant equipment. We’re proud to offer a range of different machines to satisfy your requirements. Whether you are a contractor or a civil engineering company we can provide the most effective excavators, telehandlers and loaders for you.

If you are an end user or a small builder, we can provide the right sized mini excavator, dumper or roller for you too. The best part is the in house finance packages that we can offer to all our UK customers. Our finance team are on hand to help you own the machine you need for your business, call us now.

If you require more information on our finance packages, please give us a call today on 07506 842 052 or email us

used excavators for sale

Why the JCB JS130 Excavators?

JCB JS130 Excavators are one of our leading lines and they are available at Fenton Plant Machinery.

Within our range of excavators for sale, we have some of the industries most reliable, robust and high performance machinery for you to choose from. Our stock of quality used excavators range from 1T up to 30T and are manufactured by some of the biggest names in the industry. Our most popular model is the JCB JS130 Excavator.

Why the JCB JS130 Excavator?

The JS130 LC is a 13-tonne tracked excavator that’s been designed, tested and manufactured without compromise. At its heart is the new JCB EcoMAX engine – the last word in efficiency, performance and productivity.

The latest models are designed and developed using Efficient Design philosophy, the JS130 is a 13-tonne tracked excavator that’s equipped with a host of efficiency, performance, comfort and safety innovations. Like the new award-winning EcoMAX T4F engine, which meets Stage IV/Tier 4F legislation without using a bulky DPF. In turn, this means you can expect countless everyday benefits to using the JS130 tracked excavator – like great visibility, low running costs and more uptime. This means the JCB JS130 Excavator is the perfect choice.

excavators for sale 2

The latest JCB JS130s have excellent front visibility, with a 70/30 front screen split and a clear view of the front right track for easy, safe trench digging and manoeuvring. Because it doesn’t require bulky after-treatment like DPF, the new compact EcoMAX T4F engine can be housed under an innovative low-level bonnet, providing excellent rearward visibility.

For tremendous speed and control, a JCB JS130 excavator has a balanced slew and electronic/hydraulic controlled slew braking. Auxiliary options can also be specified with proportional control options for even more smoothness and precision. An easy-to-read 3.5” colour multi-function display provides instant operational information, and has customisable home screens.

JCB JS130 cabs use 6 viscous rubber mounts to minimise noise and vibration. This creates a quieter working environment, inside and out, meaning you can use the machine at any location, any time.

Key Specifications

[1] Maximum Engine Power – 81kW

[2] Operating Weight – 13,183kg

[3] Maximum Bucket Capacity – 0.85m3

Excavators have a range of uses, and they are frequently sought after machines due to their versatility in a number of professions and projects, which is why they sell fast. Some of their uses include:

  • Digging of trenches, holes, foundations
  • Material handling
  • Brush cutting with hydraulic saw and mower attachments
  • Forestry work
  • Construction
  • Demolition with hydraulic claw, shear and breaker attachments
  • General grading/landscaping
  • Mining
  • River dredging
  • Driving piles, in conjunction with a pile driver
  • Drilling shafts for footings and rock blasting, by use of an auger or hydraulic drill attachment
  • Snow removal with snowplow and snow blower attachments

Often supplied complete with buckets as standard, these days there are many different attachments, such as breakers, grapples, or augers that turn your machine into one of the most versatile pieces of equipment available.

If you require more information on our available Excavators for sale, please give us a call today on 07506 842 052 or email us